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Installing Horsepower and Overdrive <--click for more

Last month, we introduced you to Project Road Warrior, Courtney Barber's 1965 Mustang hardtop. A veteran of many road rallies and tours over the last few years, Barber's pony had been rode hard and put away wet enough times that it was ready for a complete overhaul, both cosmetically and mechanically. The first step, which we addressed last month, was the significant rust repair, panel replacement, and new paint to make the car visually nicer and physically more capable. Now it's time to address the drivetrain.

For complete story, click HERE.

1965 Ford Mustang vs. Plymouth Barracuda <--click for more

There was a seismic shift in the automotive landscape in April 1964. The Plymouth Barracuda, and then the Ford Mustang, went on sale that spring, creating a whole new niche of sporty personal cars. That the cars in the niche would ultimately be called pony cars and not, well, fishy cars is testament to the Mustang's runaway sales success. Barracuda may have been first out of the gate (hatchery?), but Mustang won the race by a mile, and then some.

In October 1964, Petersen Publishing photographers Bob D'Olivo and Pat Brollier accompanied Motor Trend's road test editors as they put a 1965 Mustang 2+2 and Barracuda through their paces at Riverside Raceway. The shot of the two cars together leads us to believe the story was intended to be a comparison test; instead, the January 1965 Motor Trend had separate stories on the 'Stang and 'Cuda, plus a report on the issue's cover car, the Corvair Corsa.

For complete story, click HERE.

1965 Mustang Coca-Cola Advertisement <--click for more

A young New York City film director came to Kansas last spring to shoot a commercial for Coca-Cola, and said he was caught off-guard.

"Kansas is wonderful," said Zach Lowry, film director of Flex Collective, which filmed the 59-second commercial. "To be honest, it blew my mind. I've shot all over the world on various projects, but I'd never experienced before such a whole collaborative process as we did in Kansas."

In February 2014, Lowry sent out a plea to Kansans through the Kansas Sampler Foundation, based near Inman. Lowry said he needed a weathered, wood barn, preferably with a wood-shingled roof, next to or surrounded by a wheat field and big enough to fit a 1965 Mustang inside -- diagonally.

Texas Auto Program to Build and Race 1965 Mustang <--click for more

In our quest to stay on top of all things Mustang related we keep our eyes and ears wide open all across the Internet and through email newsletters, blogs, and more. One of our regular reads is the blog put out by the folks at Virginia Classic Mustang. Their blog often features new product announcements and updates on some of the really sweet Mustangs they're restoring for their personal collection (very desirable steel like Shelby G.T. 350s, K-code GTs, and so forth). Today's bit of news comes from said blog, so we're happy to give Virginia Classic Mustang a tip O' the hat in thanks.

For complete story, click HERE.

The tales a car could tell <--click for more

If cars could talk, Gerry Urban's Mustang would have some stories to tell.

When the Ford Mustang coupe came home with Gerry Urban in 1965, sporting a fresh coat of maroon paint from the plant in San Jose, CA, he was a young man with a cool new car, his life stretching ahead of him. The Mustang saw date nights with his young bride and brought two newborn babies home from the hospital. When Urban was later divorced from his first wife, the car stayed in California with her and he moved on.

For complete story, click HERE.

The Greatest 1965 Mustang Of Them All? <--click for more

The 2016 Revology Mustang is not going to be the car for everyone. The idea is one we've seen before, but we're happy to see that it's especially well executed here. The idea is to take either an existing 1964-1966 Mustang or use one of the Ford-licensed bodies-in-white available to make a much more modern machine that still has all of the classic looks. The chassis is completely modern, and includes a totally redesigned suspension setup as well as vented disc brakes at all four corners.

For complete story, click HERE.

100 classic vehicles in this week's Rally Maya <--click for more

More than 90 classic vehicles -- all of them more than 40 years old -- rolled out of Merida, Yucatan for the start of the second annual Rally Maya.

Drivers and co-pilots from 16 states and eight other countries are participating in the event, which will take them through three states -- Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatan -- on a 1,400-kilometer route over five days.

Vehicles must be more than 40 years old and have 90% of their original parts to enter. They are divided into four categories, based on their age.

Mexican actor Mauricio Islas was among the drivers, sitting behind the wheel of a 1965 Mustang.

For complete story, click HERE.

Mustang Dream Giveaway <--click for more

The 2015 Mustang Dream Giveaway, a nationwide drawing sponsored by New Beginning Children's Homes -- a charitable organization, recently launched. The winner of this once-in-a-lifetime prize package will receive a 1965 Mustang GT K-code Fastback and a 2015 50th Anniversary Mustang GT. Also included in the grand-prize package is $30,000 for taxes. Never before have two spectacular Mustangs of this magnitude been given away together and it's never going to happen again. To enter, the general public can simply call toll free 877.700.8946 or enter online at www.dreamgiveaway.com.

For complete story, click HERE.

How To Buy A Classic Mustang <--click for more

What is it about buying a Mustang that's both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time? The exciting part encompasses putting your hands on the ride of your dreams. Yet it is unsettling because you surely don't want to be stuck with someone else's problems. Not enough of us think through a potential buy before laying down the cash. Most buys are the result of impulse rather than in-depth thought and planning. We lie to ourselves when we want a Mustang badly. If it's a full-scale restoration project, we kid ourselves about available time and budget. If it's a fully restored or low-mileage original ride, we talk ourselves into something we cannot afford. The key to success when you're buying a classic Mustang is an educated decision.

For complete article, click HERE.

Family fun car show feature <--click for more

Richard Singleton stands out of the rain and across the street from the blue 50s Chevy pickup truck that he restored with his son. Parked next to the truck is his son-in-law's 1965 convertible Mustang.

For complete story, click HERE.

Ride the Pony <--click for more

During an era filled with souped-up muscle cars, rumbling engines and squealing tires, the Ford Mustang was born.

Since its introduction in 1964, the Mustang has been driving off the showroom floor at Ford dealerships across the country and into the homes, and hearts, of millions.

For over 50 years, the Mustang has been in continuous production and has carved out a spot as an American icon, instantly lovable and recognizable to many.

For complete article, click HERE.

Stars of the 25th Kiwanis Classic <--click for more

The 25th anniversary of the Port Townsend Kiwanis Classic Car Show includes a tribute to the Ford Mustang, which debuted 50 years ago.

On Saturday, Aug. 16 at Memorial Field in downtown Port Townsend, five generations of Mustangs are scheduled for special display. Marv Fowler is bringing four Mustangs, and a friend is bringing a 1965 version to represent a fifth generation.

"I love to have a car that will handle beautifully and also go straight really fast," Fowler said. "The Mustang fits that bill so well."

Fowler is a 1976 graduate of Sequim High School, and has Jefferson County connections. He was born in Port Townsend, and his namesake is Marvin Shields, the local U.S Navy Seabee killed in Vietnam in 1965, and Medal of Honor Recipient. Shield's was his mother's cousin and her close friend. "She always told [Shields] she was going to name her son after him."

Cool Cars at Summer Cruise <--click for more

It was quite the challenge. Ahead of their trademark event this weekend, the Mile Zero Cruisers set out to assemble 50 Ford Mustangs -- one from every production year of the iconic American auto. They got darn close. Danny Schilds, manager of Aspol Ford and a member of the Cruisers, said Sunday that the 80 assembled cars represented more than 40 years of the Mustang's run. "We got Mustangs from every era, even two Mustang Twos," he said, an increasingly rare variant produced in the 70s. Mustangs made up a large contingent of the 400 or so cars assembled for the Cruise -- which included barbecues, drives and music.

For complete story, click HERE.

1965 Ford Mustang <--click for more

Introduced in 1964, the Ford Mustang has kept going and going and is still in product as of the publication of this article (2014). However, the original pony car was really only produced from 1964 to 1973. Check out a wikipedia article about it HERE.

Differences between 1964.5 and 1965 <--click for more

Off the top of my head, I know of several major differences between the 1964 1/2 and 1965 Mustangs. First, the older Mustang comes with an 260 V-8 eight-cylinder engine, whereas the 1965 model comes with the 289 V-8. That is, if you opt for the V-8 engine. Also, the wheels are 4-lug on the older model and 5-lug on the 1965. Want to know other differences or want to know if I'm right? Check out this informative website:

64 1/2 vs. 65 Mustang Differences.

A bucket of Mustang photos <--click for more

Someone sorted out over 3000 Mustang photos and put the collection on Photo Bucket. That's a pretty cool feat. If you're looking for great photos of your favorite pony car, check out the site!

Click HERE for the link.

1965 Mustang Colors <--click for more

Ever wondered what the original colors for the 1965 Mustang consisted of? Here's a cool website that not only tells you, it shows you a picture of a great 1965 Mustang in the specific colors. Check it out!

For more information, visit 1965 Mustang Colors

Want a new 65 Mustang? <--click for more

Ford Motor Co. will soon sell brand-new 1965 Ford Mustangs for just $15,000 each. The only hitch: There's some assembly required. As part of its Ford Reproduction business, Ford revealed today it had approved a new stamping of the steel bodies for first-generation Mustang that buyers could then build into their own 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang, using whatever engine, axles, interior and other parts they can find on their own.

Welcome to 65 Mustang <--click for more

Have an interest in the pony car of 1965? If you like the Mustang, or if you own one, you'll find some great information on this website. We'll be going into detail on the origins of the car, pictures, valuations, and more. Take a cruise through our site and feast your eyes on the 65 Mustang!

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